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These smartglasses look just like normal ones! Get them as soon as possible. Since they will help you out of a lot of struggles while working. 



The Iristick.G1 smartglasses are provided with central camera, powerful optical zoom and basic barcode scanner. It is ideal for people who need their hands to work. For sure if they need to communicate during the work that they are doing. These smartglasses make that possible. 

The Iristick.G1 its barcode scanner has the possibility of scanning bar codes as small as 3cm from 15 meters away. That's a great feature. Adding that up to the fact that it is safe to use and it has a comfortable fit. Makes this some amazing smartglasses!

Adding visual information has proven to improve work execution and training, making Iristick ideal for complex logistics, technical services, production and healthcare services. Operators can walk the shop or production floor with both visual and audio queues without being burdened by additional handheld devices. The Iristick.G1 development SDK is the interface for off-the-shelf or bespoke software, enabling for example: virtual factory acceptance tests, guided logistics, digital field inspections, virtual quality inspections and remote proctoring.



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