Microsoft Mixed Reality Holographic Lens 2

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Microsoft Hololens 2 Mixed Reality Glasses

Microsoft Mixed Reality Holographic Lens 2

Mixed Reality Holographic Lenses

The Microsoft hololens 2 aims to offer you the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience, enhanced by the reliability and scalability of Azure. You can get started right away with off-the-shelf applications or build your own custom solutions using Microsoft Azure services.

The product comes with:

  • HoloLens 2 device
  • Carrying case
  • Overhead strap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Charger
  • USB-C cable



Optics: See-through holographic lenses(waveguides)

Resolution: 2k 3:2 light engines

Holographic density: >2.5k radiants (light points per radian)

Eye-based rendering: Display optimization for 3D eye position


Head tracking: 4 visible light cameras

Eye tracking: 2 IR cameras

Depth: 1-MP Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensor

IMU: Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer

Camera: 8-MP stills, 1080P30 video

Audio and speech:

Microphone array: 5 channels

Speakers: Built-in spatial sound

Human Understanding:

Hand tracking: Two- handed fully articulated model, direct manipulation

Eye tracking: Real-time tracking

Voice: Command and control on-device; natural language with internet connectivity

Windows Hello: Enterprise-grade security with iris recognition

Environtment understanding:

6DoF tracking: World-scale position tracking

Spatial Mapping: Real-time environment mesh

Mixed Reality Capture: Mixed hologram and physical environment photos and videos

Compute and connectivity:

SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Compute Platform

HPU: Second-generation custom-built holographic processing unity

Memory: 4-GB LPDDR4x system DRAM

Storage: 64-GB UFS 2.1

WiFi: Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac 2x2)

Bluetooth: 5



Single size

Fits over glasses

Weight: 566g

Windows Holographic Operating System

Microsoft Edge

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Dynamics 365 Guides

3D Viewer


Battery life: 2-3 hours of active use

Charging: USB-PD for fast charging

Cooling: Passive (no fans)

Contains lithium batteries

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