Polycom VVX201 VoIP Phone

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VoIP phone with 2 lines 2 Ethernet ports Excellent audio quality Easy to integrate into existing environment LCD display ( 132x64 ) Headset jack Extended phone features Ideal for call centers or small business sites

Polycom VVX201 VoIP Phone


Polycom VVX201 VoIP Phone

The Polycom VVX101 is a great VoIP phone with 1 line , suitable for home offices,
lobbies and reception areas. This unit has comprehensive telephony features, offers excellent
audio quality and is equipped with a headset jack


VoIP phone with 2 lines:

The Polycom VVX201 is a professional VoIP phone with 2 lines. You will take two calls simultaneously.
This makes this VoIP devices is ideal for call centers and small business locations. Conveniently, the Polycom VVX201
two Ethernet ports available for connecting to your network.


Excellent audio quality:

This VoIP phone Polycom offers excellent audio quality. This device is equipped with the Acoustic Clarity and Polycom Acoustic Fence technology.
These technologies ensure that echo and noise is reduced as much as possible and that conversations happen as naturally as possible.


Easy to integrate into existing environment:

The Polycom VVX201 VoIP phone is easy to integrate into your existing network. It is not necessary to throw your current phone system, the integration is seamless. Practical is that you can easily configure the Polycom VVX201, manage and upgrade.


Extended phone features:

These business VoIP phone is equipped with many important phone functions. Think of it in the hold of an incoming call forwarding to another phone or leave a message in his absence. For all phone features, refer to the datasheet under the "Specifications" tab.


package contents:

Polycom VoIP phones VVX201
Handset cable



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